Friday, May 12, 2006

I Am An Over-Reactor

Seriously. I called Centerlink today, and they're sending me out another form to fill out and mail back to them. Hopefully that will clear this whole thing up.

I think I might possibly try and avoid jumping to conclusions. :\


Clare said...

It is never an over reaction with Centrelink!

I just wanted to let you know that (after never hearing of them before the conversation on name that mama) those bumbo seats ARE availble in Australia - one of the mothers at school started telling me about hers this morning which she got from Baby's Galore

Good luck

e said...

I actually just found that out a couple of days ago via the Babies Galore website. It's a damn shame the guy I wrote to in the US doesn't know where his product is being sold.

Anonymous said...

There you go!! Not all Centrelink dealings are horrid!! While you may have 26 wks to claim Family Tax Benefit, Parenting Payment is an additional payment you COULD claim NOW depending on your combined income! If you're entitled to it, claim it I say!!


Maribeth said...

Good luck and I will keep my fingers crossed. Burocracies ar such a pain!

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